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Live Tweet: NSCS Meeting

Earlier today, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars came together for our very last meeting of the year. NSCS is a club that I take part in.  It is a group that distinguishes itself on academics, community service and leadership.  At today’s meeting, we discussed future plans for next year, overviewed everything that we did this school year and were introduced to our new executive board members for the next school year.

For my class I had to tweet during the event, something I had never done.  Although many people tweet during events all the time, it was not something I enjoyed.  It was interesting to try it and report on everything that was going on, but I found it to almost be a hassle.  I had to try and come up with a somewhat interesting tweet while paying attention to what was going on.  Needless to say, listening to my thoughts and what the speaker was saying was rather difficult.

Not only was it hard to do, but also I felt rude the every time I pulled out my phone to send a tweet.  I can see how it would be okay for someone, like a reporter, to tweet during live events, but as an active member I felt that it would be more important for me to listen to the speaker than to inform non-members about the event.  The main reason I feel this way is because one must be invited into the group, so it is not like it was an event that anyone could have attended.

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 10.33.02 PM

For more information on The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, visit http://www.nscs.org.


Google Controversy?

On March 31, Google decided to make a risky move that has stirred up some controversy among Googlers.  On Easter, apparently everyone expected Google to change the logo on their site to something Easter-related.  Google decided to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday instead.  With almost 80% of Americans claiming themselves as Christian, Google did not get positive feedback.

New stations and sites that tend to sway more right-winged, for example FOX, criticized the site and brought up the point that Google has not showed any love for the Easter holiday since 2000.  Several people tweeted at Google threatening to switch to start using Bing if they did not take down the Chavez doodle.  ABC news claimed that it was no surprise and people were making a big deal out of nothing.  The station says that the only reason such uproar came about was because it was a slow news day.

I can understand both sides of the story since American society used to be run by religious viewpoints; however, times are changing.  Religion is not the sole focus of Americans anymore.  People are growing more tolerant of other religions in the United States.  Although the Christian religion is still the majority in America, I believe it was wise of the company to respect all religions.  Google is used by a diverse group of people so it is important to take everyone’s beliefs into consideration.  As ABC states in the article attached earlier, many believe that Chavez was inspired and lead by his religious affiliations.  Looking at the doodle from that perspective, Google did include the Christian population; it just was not as direct as some would prefer.

Chili’s Good Deed of the Day

Just a few days ago, on March 24th, Chili’s restaurant found out that a nice gesture can go a long way.  A woman had taken her seven-year-old sister with autism, Arianna, to a Chili’s where the young girl ordered a cheeseburger.  When the burger came out, Arianna did not scarf down the burger, despite the fact that it was her favorite food.  Concerned her sister asked what was wrong.  Arianna claimed that it was broken, because it was cut in half, and that she would not eat it.  Her sister asked the waitress for a new burger that she would pay for since nothing was wrong with the original.  After being explained the situation, the waitress went along with the “broken burger” and came out with a new and un-cut burger free of charge.  Later the manager came out and apologized to Arianna for giving her a broken burger and gave her more fries.  The situation deeply touched the older sister who posted on Chili’s Facebook a picture of Arianna kissing her fixed burger along with the whole story.

After posting the photo and story on Chili’s page, the site received almost 800,000 likes on the post, over 40,000 comments and over 180,000 shares.  It is the heart-warming stories that everyday people post, like this one, that seem to help a company go viral with practically little effort.  This story shows that even the tiniest acts of compassion can go a long way.

From what I’ve noticed, when it comes to viral Internet posts, people really appreciate something entertaining, heart-warming and/or relatable.  The news is where people go to in order to hear something sad and unlikely to happen to them, or so they feel.  No advertising agency can guarantee that their ad or video will become viral, so when something unexpected goes viral it is imperative for the company to jump right on the opportunity without overdoing it.

Victoria’s Secret Stirs Up Angry Parents

Victoria Secret has just announced its new line; “Bright Young Things” that will target middle school girls.  The line will feature underwear with phrases such as, “Feeling Lucky?” and “Call Me” on them.  The company’s Facebook page is already blowing up with angry parents and everyday Victoria Secret shoppers.

I realize that the business is a lingerie company so their goal is to make women feel “sexy”, but this is just too far.  Young teens already deal with great amounts of pressure from society to be “sexy” more than ever before.  Raunchy underwear targeted to young teenage girls will only increase those pressures even more.  I remember middle school was probably one of the hardest times for me and many other friends at the time.  I had several friends with eating disorders, it seemed like most – if not all girls at my school had self-confidence issues.  I just can’t believe that our society has come to this.

We need to go back to the days where we taught out children to cherish being young and having little responsibilities; to enjoy and make the best of every situation, not to worry about what society wants you to be.  Where are the parents telling their children to be whatever it is they desire, even if it is something like a cowboy-astronaut or a princess-firefighting-artist? We need to stop making everyone feel like they need to be young.

So far, from what I have found, Victoria Secret has not done a single thing to address the angry consumers.  It is definitely in their best interest to support their new line if they intend on going through with it.  If the company does not make any remarks as to why they think the line will be a good idea, then it most likely will only stir up more trouble for Victoria Secret down the line.

Sven Helbig’s Pocket Symphonies

Germany has given birth to a new ad that we are not be used to seeing in the United States.  Sven Helbig, a classical German composer, has come out with a new album, “Pocket Symphonies”, along with an advertisement now playing in Germany to help promote his album.  The ad consists of a woman in a decaying state-of-being covered in music notes giving birth.  The commercial is supposed to resemble Helbig’s music, creating something new from something that is almost dead, just like what is going on in the classical music industry.

After seeing this article, I wanted to see the actual sales rates of each genre of music around the world.  Below is a pie chart showing the global sales by genre for the world (2010).  Clearly, one can see that classical music is not as popular as it used to be.



I found another graph showing the sales in the United States alone, which can be viewed below.  Once again, classical seems to be one of the last things that people want to listen to nowadays.



After seeing such low rates it made me wonder, why would someone even want to spend all the money to put an ad on the television for a classical album when rates are so low?  Would it not be ideal to promote such an album where the target audience can be focused on more?  So I did my research.

As of the past few years, classical music sales have actually been increasing in Germany.  Now of course classical music is no competition to pop or rock, but statistics have been showing more interest in the music.  Many believe it is because of marketing and not so much the music.  There is really no way of telling, but it is still nice to see that a diversity on the music charts will remain.

Nivea’s Viral Marketing Approach


Recently, Nivea managed to completely stress out several airplane passengers in Germany, which turned into a viral advertisement for Nivea’s deodorant.  The company researched the innocent victims of the ad beforehand to make sure they could all handle what was about to happen to them, meaning that they had no history of heart problems or any sort of anxiety issues.

Nivea’s advertisement agency came up with the idea to secretly capture photos of the victims, immediately post the pictures onto magazine covers and even come up with a fake breaking news story claiming that the person is wanted and extremely dangerous.  Knowing one did nothing of the sort but having many other fellow passengers thinking you are trouble is enough to completely freak a person out.  Eventually, authority figures approach the person, ask if they are stressed then open a case containing Nivea’s deodorant.  The marketing tactic was such a hit that the commercial became viral instantly.

Ambush marketing approaches like this one are what make me love my major.  Nivea took an approach that had an unknown outcome.  The company was lucky that all of the people could take a joke.  Messing with people the way Nivea did is always a dangerous situation for the company.  People could have taken the joke the wrong way and panic could have taken place instead.  Here are several examples of such ad approaches gone terribly wrong.

Personally, I thought the tactic was brilliant and am looking forward to the next viral ad to take place.

Miller Lite Works With Nascar’s Brad Keselowski

If you have not heard yet, Miller Lite and Nascar’s driver, Brad Keselowski, are now teaming up for the “Get on the 2” charity event.  Keselowski has a Checkered Flag Foundation that donates to those who have helped serve America.  Miller Lite has decided that it will donate $2 to the foundation every time people post photos of themselves enjoying Miller Lite to this site, up to $22,222.

Since the teaming up, Keselowski has gained 100,000 new followers in only two hours.  The sport’s social media history has never seen such a thing before.  I’m sure it was expected for the joining of the two teams to gain some attention, but probably nowhere near what they are getting.

It amazes me how much people are willing to come together for a cause, especially for a favorite racer, baseball player, etc.  If more organizations would come together to help out more charities then we could have world hunger, poverty and even war all come to a halt.  Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but if this keeps up we could definitely help a whole lot of people.


If you have not yet seen AMC’s The Walking Dead, then I highly suggest that you begin to do so.  The show is action-packed, has a plot that seems to continuously surprise you, and has a variety in its characters.

During this week’s episode I followed the TwitterChat via the hashtag #IWantYou.  The hashtag refers to The Governor, who attempts to turn his survival camp into an entire army.  He asks for everyone living in the town to join his army, including children and the elderly.  One of the characters at his camp, Andrea, tries to calm things down and prevent more unnecessary deaths to take place.

The TwitterChat I just participated in was my first time doing so and let me tell you, who knew it could be so overwhelming.  Now I realize there is a huge audience for the show, but I had no idea that so many people tweeted during the show.  It was very interesting to me to see others’ reactions to this week’s episode.  I was glad to see that there were many people who shared similar viewpoints with me.  Some people brought up opinions and made points that I never would have come up with on my own.  Tonight made me see how popular the show is and that are a lot more zombie-crazed people out there than I had originally thought.

Cecil Hotel Reaction (or Lack of) to Water Tank Incident

           Here’s a nice morbid and somewhat disgusting story for you all.  In a Los Angeles hotel, Cecil’s Hotel, a corpse was found in the rooftop water tank recently.  The tank the girl was found it distributes water throughout the entire hotel to bathroom sinks, shower and even drinking water.  It is still up in the air as to what happened exactly and who was behind the suspected murder.

The hotel did not close at all due to the incident. In fact, the hotel did not really do a whole lot of anything when they found out about the girl who had been in their water tank for over two weeks.  When asked about how the hotel was handling the situation and if they were impacted at all, Cecil hotel chose not to respond in anyway.  According to a guest staying at the hotel, no one at the hotel even told him about what happened and that he should not drink the water until they are positive that it is safe.  He said that he found out from a CNN reporter.

I cannot believe how the hotel has handled the situation so far.  If I were a guest at the hotel, not warned about the water, then I would be appalled.   The hotel does not even seem like it is trying to apologize or make sure guests are aware of the situation.  By not reacting they are only going to make things worse for themselves.  It is imperative for an organization to take immediate actions following any sort of mishap.

I certainly hope no one gets sick from this.  The situation is not something that a hotel can just “sweep under the rug”.

Burger King’s Twitter Hacked?

I’m sure you all have heard about Burger King’s incident involving their Twitter account that took place on Monday, February 18.  If you have not heard about what happened, this link will provide you the full story.

Long story short, someone was able to access the fast food restaurant’s Twitter account where they then changed the logo, name and bio.  The hacker made Burger King’s Twitter page look like that of McDonald’s.  Eventually the anonymous hacker began tweeting things such as, “We just got sold to McDonald’s! Look for McDonald’s in a hood near you”.

Now I must admit, hacking onto Burger King’s site and changing it to look like McDonald’s was pretty clever, however; I feel that the hacker took things a little too far.  Whoever it was decided to start making drug references and other obscenities in their tweets.  A small prank is not bad, but there is a young audience on Twitter that probably was exposed to such tweets. It was just not necessary in my opinion.

Although it was not a huge catastrophe in the grand scheme of things, there was some good that came about from what happened on Monday.   After Burger King made their apology and fixed their Twitter account, the company gained 30% more followers that day- now that is a great way for some free publicity if you ask me.

I wonder who will be targeted next…

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