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Burger King’s Twitter Hacked?

I’m sure you all have heard about Burger King’s incident involving their Twitter account that took place on Monday, February 18.  If you have not heard about what happened, this link will provide you the full story.

Long story short, someone was able to access the fast food restaurant’s Twitter account where they then changed the logo, name and bio.  The hacker made Burger King’s Twitter page look like that of McDonald’s.  Eventually the anonymous hacker began tweeting things such as, “We just got sold to McDonald’s! Look for McDonald’s in a hood near you”.

Now I must admit, hacking onto Burger King’s site and changing it to look like McDonald’s was pretty clever, however; I feel that the hacker took things a little too far.  Whoever it was decided to start making drug references and other obscenities in their tweets.  A small prank is not bad, but there is a young audience on Twitter that probably was exposed to such tweets. It was just not necessary in my opinion.

Although it was not a huge catastrophe in the grand scheme of things, there was some good that came about from what happened on Monday.   After Burger King made their apology and fixed their Twitter account, the company gained 30% more followers that day- now that is a great way for some free publicity if you ask me.

I wonder who will be targeted next…


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