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Cecil Hotel Reaction (or Lack of) to Water Tank Incident

           Here’s a nice morbid and somewhat disgusting story for you all.  In a Los Angeles hotel, Cecil’s Hotel, a corpse was found in the rooftop water tank recently.  The tank the girl was found it distributes water throughout the entire hotel to bathroom sinks, shower and even drinking water.  It is still up in the air as to what happened exactly and who was behind the suspected murder.

The hotel did not close at all due to the incident. In fact, the hotel did not really do a whole lot of anything when they found out about the girl who had been in their water tank for over two weeks.  When asked about how the hotel was handling the situation and if they were impacted at all, Cecil hotel chose not to respond in anyway.  According to a guest staying at the hotel, no one at the hotel even told him about what happened and that he should not drink the water until they are positive that it is safe.  He said that he found out from a CNN reporter.

I cannot believe how the hotel has handled the situation so far.  If I were a guest at the hotel, not warned about the water, then I would be appalled.   The hotel does not even seem like it is trying to apologize or make sure guests are aware of the situation.  By not reacting they are only going to make things worse for themselves.  It is imperative for an organization to take immediate actions following any sort of mishap.

I certainly hope no one gets sick from this.  The situation is not something that a hotel can just “sweep under the rug”.


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One thought on “Cecil Hotel Reaction (or Lack of) to Water Tank Incident

  1. That is pretty gross. And by pretty gross, I mean really nasty. Can’t believe this hasn’t been in the news more? Talk about a “worst practice”.

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