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If you have not yet seen AMC’s The Walking Dead, then I highly suggest that you begin to do so.  The show is action-packed, has a plot that seems to continuously surprise you, and has a variety in its characters.

During this week’s episode I followed the TwitterChat via the hashtag #IWantYou.  The hashtag refers to The Governor, who attempts to turn his survival camp into an entire army.  He asks for everyone living in the town to join his army, including children and the elderly.  One of the characters at his camp, Andrea, tries to calm things down and prevent more unnecessary deaths to take place.

The TwitterChat I just participated in was my first time doing so and let me tell you, who knew it could be so overwhelming.  Now I realize there is a huge audience for the show, but I had no idea that so many people tweeted during the show.  It was very interesting to me to see others’ reactions to this week’s episode.  I was glad to see that there were many people who shared similar viewpoints with me.  Some people brought up opinions and made points that I never would have come up with on my own.  Tonight made me see how popular the show is and that are a lot more zombie-crazed people out there than I had originally thought.


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