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Miller Lite Works With Nascar’s Brad Keselowski

If you have not heard yet, Miller Lite and Nascar’s driver, Brad Keselowski, are now teaming up for the “Get on the 2” charity event.  Keselowski has a Checkered Flag Foundation that donates to those who have helped serve America.  Miller Lite has decided that it will donate $2 to the foundation every time people post photos of themselves enjoying Miller Lite to this site, up to $22,222.

Since the teaming up, Keselowski has gained 100,000 new followers in only two hours.  The sport’s social media history has never seen such a thing before.  I’m sure it was expected for the joining of the two teams to gain some attention, but probably nowhere near what they are getting.

It amazes me how much people are willing to come together for a cause, especially for a favorite racer, baseball player, etc.  If more organizations would come together to help out more charities then we could have world hunger, poverty and even war all come to a halt.  Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but if this keeps up we could definitely help a whole lot of people.


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