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Nivea’s Viral Marketing Approach


Recently, Nivea managed to completely stress out several airplane passengers in Germany, which turned into a viral advertisement for Nivea’s deodorant.  The company researched the innocent victims of the ad beforehand to make sure they could all handle what was about to happen to them, meaning that they had no history of heart problems or any sort of anxiety issues.

Nivea’s advertisement agency came up with the idea to secretly capture photos of the victims, immediately post the pictures onto magazine covers and even come up with a fake breaking news story claiming that the person is wanted and extremely dangerous.  Knowing one did nothing of the sort but having many other fellow passengers thinking you are trouble is enough to completely freak a person out.  Eventually, authority figures approach the person, ask if they are stressed then open a case containing Nivea’s deodorant.  The marketing tactic was such a hit that the commercial became viral instantly.

Ambush marketing approaches like this one are what make me love my major.  Nivea took an approach that had an unknown outcome.  The company was lucky that all of the people could take a joke.  Messing with people the way Nivea did is always a dangerous situation for the company.  People could have taken the joke the wrong way and panic could have taken place instead.  Here are several examples of such ad approaches gone terribly wrong.

Personally, I thought the tactic was brilliant and am looking forward to the next viral ad to take place.


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