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Sven Helbig’s Pocket Symphonies

Germany has given birth to a new ad that we are not be used to seeing in the United States.  Sven Helbig, a classical German composer, has come out with a new album, “Pocket Symphonies”, along with an advertisement now playing in Germany to help promote his album.  The ad consists of a woman in a decaying state-of-being covered in music notes giving birth.  The commercial is supposed to resemble Helbig’s music, creating something new from something that is almost dead, just like what is going on in the classical music industry.

After seeing this article, I wanted to see the actual sales rates of each genre of music around the world.  Below is a pie chart showing the global sales by genre for the world (2010).  Clearly, one can see that classical music is not as popular as it used to be.



I found another graph showing the sales in the United States alone, which can be viewed below.  Once again, classical seems to be one of the last things that people want to listen to nowadays.



After seeing such low rates it made me wonder, why would someone even want to spend all the money to put an ad on the television for a classical album when rates are so low?  Would it not be ideal to promote such an album where the target audience can be focused on more?  So I did my research.

As of the past few years, classical music sales have actually been increasing in Germany.  Now of course classical music is no competition to pop or rock, but statistics have been showing more interest in the music.  Many believe it is because of marketing and not so much the music.  There is really no way of telling, but it is still nice to see that a diversity on the music charts will remain.


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