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Victoria’s Secret Stirs Up Angry Parents

Victoria Secret has just announced its new line; “Bright Young Things” that will target middle school girls.  The line will feature underwear with phrases such as, “Feeling Lucky?” and “Call Me” on them.  The company’s Facebook page is already blowing up with angry parents and everyday Victoria Secret shoppers.

I realize that the business is a lingerie company so their goal is to make women feel “sexy”, but this is just too far.  Young teens already deal with great amounts of pressure from society to be “sexy” more than ever before.  Raunchy underwear targeted to young teenage girls will only increase those pressures even more.  I remember middle school was probably one of the hardest times for me and many other friends at the time.  I had several friends with eating disorders, it seemed like most – if not all girls at my school had self-confidence issues.  I just can’t believe that our society has come to this.

We need to go back to the days where we taught out children to cherish being young and having little responsibilities; to enjoy and make the best of every situation, not to worry about what society wants you to be.  Where are the parents telling their children to be whatever it is they desire, even if it is something like a cowboy-astronaut or a princess-firefighting-artist? We need to stop making everyone feel like they need to be young.

So far, from what I have found, Victoria Secret has not done a single thing to address the angry consumers.  It is definitely in their best interest to support their new line if they intend on going through with it.  If the company does not make any remarks as to why they think the line will be a good idea, then it most likely will only stir up more trouble for Victoria Secret down the line.


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