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Chili’s Good Deed of the Day

Just a few days ago, on March 24th, Chili’s restaurant found out that a nice gesture can go a long way.  A woman had taken her seven-year-old sister with autism, Arianna, to a Chili’s where the young girl ordered a cheeseburger.  When the burger came out, Arianna did not scarf down the burger, despite the fact that it was her favorite food.  Concerned her sister asked what was wrong.  Arianna claimed that it was broken, because it was cut in half, and that she would not eat it.  Her sister asked the waitress for a new burger that she would pay for since nothing was wrong with the original.  After being explained the situation, the waitress went along with the “broken burger” and came out with a new and un-cut burger free of charge.  Later the manager came out and apologized to Arianna for giving her a broken burger and gave her more fries.  The situation deeply touched the older sister who posted on Chili’s Facebook a picture of Arianna kissing her fixed burger along with the whole story.

After posting the photo and story on Chili’s page, the site received almost 800,000 likes on the post, over 40,000 comments and over 180,000 shares.  It is the heart-warming stories that everyday people post, like this one, that seem to help a company go viral with practically little effort.  This story shows that even the tiniest acts of compassion can go a long way.

From what I’ve noticed, when it comes to viral Internet posts, people really appreciate something entertaining, heart-warming and/or relatable.  The news is where people go to in order to hear something sad and unlikely to happen to them, or so they feel.  No advertising agency can guarantee that their ad or video will become viral, so when something unexpected goes viral it is imperative for the company to jump right on the opportunity without overdoing it.


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2 thoughts on “Chili’s Good Deed of the Day

  1. This is a really cute story! Everyone likes to see the human side of a company and a compelling story. People like being reminded of their childhood and every child’s innocence. Definitely a good tactic to remember for the future.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

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