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Google Controversy?

On March 31, Google decided to make a risky move that has stirred up some controversy among Googlers.  On Easter, apparently everyone expected Google to change the logo on their site to something Easter-related.  Google decided to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday instead.  With almost 80% of Americans claiming themselves as Christian, Google did not get positive feedback.

New stations and sites that tend to sway more right-winged, for example FOX, criticized the site and brought up the point that Google has not showed any love for the Easter holiday since 2000.  Several people tweeted at Google threatening to switch to start using Bing if they did not take down the Chavez doodle.  ABC news claimed that it was no surprise and people were making a big deal out of nothing.  The station says that the only reason such uproar came about was because it was a slow news day.

I can understand both sides of the story since American society used to be run by religious viewpoints; however, times are changing.  Religion is not the sole focus of Americans anymore.  People are growing more tolerant of other religions in the United States.  Although the Christian religion is still the majority in America, I believe it was wise of the company to respect all religions.  Google is used by a diverse group of people so it is important to take everyone’s beliefs into consideration.  As ABC states in the article attached earlier, many believe that Chavez was inspired and lead by his religious affiliations.  Looking at the doodle from that perspective, Google did include the Christian population; it just was not as direct as some would prefer.


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